New release!

It’s here! FRIDGE MAGNET, the new release from Steve & friends featuring new songs, new stories and more of the great music you’ve come to appreciate from S.G. Sinnicks.

Featuring the musical talents of:

  • S.G. Sinnicks: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, drums, Baritone Guitar, Percussion
  • Carl Jennings: Bass, Ukelele, Backing Vocals, Omnichord
  • Steve Petrie: Electric guitar
  • Randal Hill: Mandolin
  • Mike Boguski: Piano
  • Bill Majoros: Drums, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Melotron

All songs © S.G. Sinnicks, words & Music by S.G. Sinnicks (except track 4: words & music by Buddy Holly).

Recorded at Westmoreland Studios by Carl Jennings, Mastered by Peter J. Moore at The E Room

Graphic Design by Greg Vickers for GVD

Special thanks to Steve Negus, Michael J. Birthhelmer, Bill Majoros, and as always, Vanessa.