Whether this Canadian Irishman plays solo guitar or sings in front of a sharp folk-rock band, his songs shine brightly. The key is that his clean, crisp vocals bring out the emotion and meaning of each line of his lyrics. The lyrics are filled with classic folk topics of politics, religion, and simple human emotion. Yet, I will put Sinnicks above much of the pack in terms of balancing direct dialect with poetic flourish. Again, the delivery sends it all forward with music that will stick to you, deeper with every listen. It is no surprise he has won awards with his song writing in the past.
Fans of Sinnicks will warm to the tracks on “Fridge Magnet,” including “White Charlie” — a cautionary tale about the addictive qualities of smartphone apps — and “Landlady of Boxhill” — a traditional folkie about what happens when a Canadian backpacker finds his way to an English pub south of London.
It’s a collection worthy of anyone’s fridge door.
Graham Rockingham
(Fridge Magnet) a well-rounded six track EP of original songs and one cover. that are short and (very) sweet in a very appealing folk-rock style.
Stephen Rapid