Special thanks to (in no particular order)…

Lew Melville and DROG, Steve Woeller, Steve Andrews, Kem Deschamps, Gene Champaigne, Kevin Maclean, Gerry Gregg, Ray Farrugia, Ton Vacic, Doug Feaver, Alex Erasmi, Ray Materick, Nick and Karen Burson, Joe and Linda Shlomka, MJB and Judy, Rob Cutting, Lesley Cooper, Steve Strongman and Plastecine, Brian Griffith, Bob Doige, Ed Roth, Steve Didemus and Crackers, Paul Langille, Ariel Rogers, David Rogers, Craig and Lynn Foye, Ruthie Sutherland, Bob Worrall, Phil Rose, Ron Elliot, James Hayashi-Tennant, Mike Trebilcock, Michael Condon, Bill Becker, Glenn Marshall, Danny Achen, Robin Aubé, Vince Sciara, Adam Ostrosser, Mike Rittenhouse, Chris Briscoe, Hollie Dunklie, Mike Lynch, Dave Rave, Tom Wilson, Colin Cripps, Carl Petzelt, Trevor Hutchinson, Kate Quirin, Annie McCullough, Dino Verginella, Jim and Rachel Blair, Gerry and Michelle Schaeffer, Don Gleeson, Rick Taylor, Scott Cameron Smith, Riversong, Peter J. Corneil, Chrissy C, Chris Martin, Chris Wynters, and the late great Matt Osbourne whose talents will never be forgotten.

Thanks to the Ontario Workers Arts And Heritage Centre

And the numbers 1, 4 and 5.

The good ones know who they are
and the others know where I live.